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Did you receive a letter from the IRS?

If you have received a notice from the IRS indicating action needs to be taken with your account, or you owe back taxes to the IRS for any reason, seek the help of a professional whose expertise is in IRS representation. Our group of tax attorney, CPAs, and ex-IRS employee are here to help individuals and businesses in Pembroke Pines, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, find the best tax debt relief solution.

Situations involving auditing, examination, and tax debt should be handled by the professionals at My CPA, PA. Our CPAs will represent you before revenue agents, customer service representatives, or similar officers and employees of the IRS (including the Taxpayer Advocate Service) during an examination or tax audit.

CPA, Tax Attorney and Former IRS Agent Offering Tax Debt Relief Representation

The IRS handles thousands of special cases each year. Do not make the mistake of thinking the IRS will go above and beyond to understand your particular situation. It is essential that you have a representative on your side that is familiar with your personal finances, and can streamline case paperwork based on your position and needs. We will make sure the IRS follows all proper guidelines when handling your case.

When it comes to dealing with the IRS, being proactive and diligent is key. Take control over your situation before tax liens, levies, audits and examinations take control of you and your most valued possessions. Since you have enough on your plate, and valuable assets at stake, hire the proper representation to manage crucial interaction with the IRS. Feel confident that the CPAs at My CPA, PA, will make sure that your rights as a taxpayer are not violated as they take care of the following tax debt relief services:

  •  IRS audits or examinations
  •  Offer in Compromise (Fresh Start Program)
  •  Resolving IRS collections issues
  •  Resolving IRS liens and levies
  •  Assisting with payment plan organization and solutions
  •  Removal of penalties
  •  Payroll tax problems
  •  Unfiled or delinquent tax returns