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Incorporating as a C Corporation

C Corporation

If you are thinking about establishing a company that can have a limitless number of investors and stock types, then forming a C Corporation may be the right step for you. In forming a corporation, prospective shareholders exchange money, property, or both, for the corporation’s capital stock. For federal income tax purposes, a C corporation is recognized as a separate taxpaying entity. A corporation conducts business, realizes net income or loss, pays taxes and distributes profits to shareholders.

If you choose to be a C Corporation, you may need assistance filing the following forms:

  •  Income Tax Forms (1120)
  •  Estimated Tax Forms (1120W)
  •  Employment Tax Forms (941, 943, W2, W3, 1099/1096s, UCT6)

By establishing this type of corporation you will be able to protect your personal assets from your business, and while there are many online companies that allow for you to incorporate by yourself we always advise to seek out professional help. My CPA, PA, has convenient offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Pembroke Pines, where the CPAs can provide business counsel to see if your style of business is best suited to incorporate as a C Corporation which can help avoid loss of money on filing fees and time.