Are you wondering about the status of your federal or state tax refund? Use our tracker below for quick and easy links to the applicable federal and state websites.

Refund Tracker

Use our refund tracker to quickly check the status of your refund.

Refund times may vary depending on when your return was filed and whether it was e-filed or paper-filed. Generally, e-filed returns take about 21 days, and paper tax returns take up to 3 months. Before using our refund tracker, have relevant information handy, such as your SSN, mailing address as filed on your tax return, and expected refund amount. Each state website may have slightly different verification requirements to check the status of your refund.

Still need to file? We put in the time to understand your personal tax situation to make sure you get the refund you deserve or minimize your tax burden as much as possible. We make the tax process easy and smooth; contact us today!