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Helping with the complexity of multi-state and local taxing

Many state and local authorities actively conduct sales and use tax audits of out-of-state businesses to recover lost revenue from in-state buyers. Whether it’s a large or small organization, when a company operates in multiple state and local taxing jurisdictions, the complexity of its liability increases dramatically. Our team understands this challenge very well and therefore has set processes and systems in place to ensure ongoing compliance for our clients. From nexus evaluation, taxability determination, sales tax certificate registration, sales and use tax compliance reporting to tax preparation, filing and remittance. You will work with an experienced resource that is tuned in to your business and available to discuss your tax concerns. When enrolling your business in our OBooks™ outsourced accounting solution, our team will completely manage the sales & use tax compliance burden, including related jurisdictional correspondence, thereby allowing you to focus on your core business.