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Accounts Payable

Is your business struggling with a mountain of unprocessed invoices and regrettably paying assessed late fees due to untimely processing? When having limited resources within your organization to take care of back-office activities such as accounts payable among other things, it is imperative to step back and identify how to gain efficiencies. Otherwise, how else will you be able to scale and properly manage the increasing volume of invoices that comes with your growing business? It can be an attractive proposition to fully outsource the accounts payable activity to a third party and reallocate those resources to business generating activities instead. However, you may still have some reservations on fully letting go.

With our OBooks™ accounting solution, we offer accounts payable services where it is possible to have the best of both worlds. You can still maintain control of this important business process while still gaining significant efficiencies that enable you to reduce the man hours dedicated to the process. We take care of setting up workflows, systems, supporting and training your resource, which does not need to be an accounts payable expert by the way, while significantly reducing your overhead cost and invoice processing time.