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Registering your new business in the state of Florida?

After a thorough analysis has been performed and the most suitable Entity Type for your business has been identified, the next step is to complete the registration process. We ensure that this process is easy and smooth each step of the way. 

The Process

  1. You complete our New Business Registration Information Form.
  2. We prepare and send you via email the Application to Employer Identification Number (EIN) Form for you to review, sign and return to us for processing.
  3. We submit your Registration of Articles of Incorporation/Organization with the State of Florida. Once the registration is submitted, the State of Florida processing time may be between 10-15 days.
  4.  We take care of the registration of Employer Identification Number with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  5.  If applicable to your business, we also prepare your S Corporation Election. We will send you the S Election document and form 2848 (POA) for your signature. Processing of this form can take between 60 – 90 days once submitted. The IRS will send you a letter confirming the acceptance of the S Election and the effective date.

Upon Completion of Our Business Incorporation Service You Will Receive the Following Deliverables:

  1. Articles of Registration or Organization as filed with the State of Florida
  2. IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN Letter)
  3. S Election determination from IRS (if applicable) – Via USPS

The incorporating of your business is just the start of the journey. Below is a list of things to consider next. With our Obooks™ business solution, we can help you with these along the way.  

  •  Yearly Renewal with the State of Florida—Please note that you are required to renew your company with the State of Florida every year, before May 1st. Failure to renew will result in penalties and dissolution of the company.
  •  Registered Agent Services—You can be your own registered agent for your company or you can hire us to be your registered agent, see below.
  •  Sales Taxes—Please note that if you sell products, perform certain services, and/or have rental property, you may be required to collect sales and use tax and report them to the applicable tax authorities. Some commercial services are also taxable. Please consult with a us or other tax professionals.
  •  Payroll Taxes—As an S Corporation you are required to pay the officer of the company a salary. You are also required to pay Social Security, Medicare, and Re-employment taxes for your employees. Please consult with a us or other tax professional
  •  Income Taxes—Businesses are subject to income taxes, which are filed annually.
  •  Contractors—If you hire contractors, you will be required to collect a complete form W9 and issue them a 1099MISC for at the end of the year.
  •  Insurance—Most businesses are required to have insurance coverage, please consult with an insurance company that specializes in your industry. Insurances to consider are Workers Compensation, Liability, Errors and Omissions, among others.