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Entity Type Analysis

Every business must fall under an entity type. And the structure you choose directly impacts many areas of a business, including business size and operations, taxes paid, how profits are shared, your degree of ownership, and your legal liability. Let us help you start with a strong foundation by identifying the entity structure that is right for your business. 

  •  Assurance—Our expert team will help you select the right entity structure for your situation…rest assured.
  •  Tax savings—When you are set up under the right entity type from the start, it helps ensure against overpaying taxes and even double taxation.
  •  Education—We take the time to educate you on multiple entity types and walk you through how each will affect your business.

One of the most important benefits of formally registering your business is to protect your personal assets from your business venture. Deciding to incorporate is simple. However, determining what type of entity your business should incorporate as may not be as straight forward. Navigating through the differences between C Corporation, S Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Partnership to dictate how each applies or impacts your business requires a more involved evaluation which is not to be taken lightly. Consequently, our first step in the process of incorporating a business always includes an Entity Type Analysis to identify what is the most suitable entity type or simply verify suitability of a predetermined entity type.