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International tax services

International tax services

International tax laws can be highly intimidating, even more so if you are not in the United States and are in need of an accountant with expertise in international taxes.

Before moving to, or opening a new account in a foreign country, make sure you research the tax laws of the US and your new country as much as possible so you have at least a basic understanding of your responsibilities to both governments. Over the last several years the IRS has steadily ramped up their efforts to combat international tax evasion. New laws have increased their international authority and they now have the means to find these accounts, and the penalties for unreported international income are severe. It is highly recommended that you contact an expert in this field.

Expatriates and Foreign National Tax Preparation Services

The CPAs at My CPA, PA provide a variety of tax preparation and compliance services to individuals and businesses. We have the knowledge needed to help you understand all your international tax and compliance obligations, and will take an in-depth look at your foreign financial accounts to determine what forms are applicable to you, as well as to help you find and take advantage of plans that will save you money.