S Corporation Tax Deductions

13 Itemized Deductions You Can’t Afford to Overlook

Many business owners choose to form S Corporations because of federal tax benefits. Under the S Corp regulations, company profits and losses pass through to each individual shareholder and are accounted for on their individual tax returns. This allows shareholders to avoid the double federal taxation experienced by members of a C Corporation, who owe federal taxes as individuals and as members of the C Corp. If you are an S Corp, or are interested in becoming an S Corp, make sure you are aware of all the S Corporation tax deductions you are further entitled to. Being knowledgeable about legitimate tax deductions can make being a shareholder even more personally beneficial than it already can be.

The 13 Most Common S Corp Tax Deductions

The List You Should Be Taking Advantage of Right Now

Going into Business Expenses

The costs of getting a business started are capital expenses, which must be deducted over the first five years you are in business.

Auto Expenses

If you use your car for business, or your business owns its own vehicle, you can deduct some of the costs of keeping it running.

Professional Fees

Fees you pay lawyers, tax professionals or consultants generally can be deducted in the year incurred. But if the work clearly relates to future years, they must be deducted over the life of the benefit.

Bad Debts

If someone leaves a business debt with your company unsettled, the bad debt may or may not be deductible–it depends on the kind of product your business sells.

Business Entertaining

If you pick up the tab for entertaining present or prospective customers, you may deduct 50% of the cost if it is either “directly related” to, or “associated with” a business transaction. On the receipt or bill, always make a note of the specific business purpose.


When you travel for business, you can deduct many expenses. For example, you can deduct airfare, taxis, lodging, meals, shipping business materials, clothes cleaning, telephone calls, faxes, and more.

Advertising and Promotion

The cost of ordinary advertising of your goods or services–business cards, pay per click ads, Google Ad Words and so on–is deductible. Promotional costs that create business goodwill are also deductible.

Education Expenses

You can deduct education expenses if they are related to your current business, trade or occupation, but you must follow strict rules. The expense must be to maintain or improve skills required in your present employment or be required by your employer or as a legal requirement of your job.


As a general rule, software bought for business use must be depreciated over a 36-month period. Ask your CPA about specific rules and exceptions.

Charitable Contributions

If your business is an S corporation, it can make a charitable contribution and pass the deduction through to you to claim on your individual tax return.


Taxes incurred in operating your business are generally deductible. How and when they are deducted depends on the type of business tax. Sales tax, excise tax, fuel tax, employment taxes, and real estate tax may all be deductible.

Moving Expenses

If you move because of your business or job, you may be able to deduct certain moving costs.

Interest Charges

If you use credit to finance business purchases, the interest and carrying charges are fully tax-deductible. The same is true if you take out a personal loan and use the proceeds for your business.

Business Accountant For Your S Corporation Tax Deductions

Many business owners choose to incorporate as an S Corporation for the tax benefits. Make sure you are taking full advantage of these benefits by educating yourself on the S Corp Tax Deductions listed here. Also, contact an experienced CPA to help you discover even more S Corp Tax Deductions. My CPA, PA is experienced with tax deductions for S-Corporations, as well as LLCs, C-Corporations, Partnerships, and LLPs. Call us today at 954-239-8365 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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