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The professionals at My CPA, PA, offer an array of virtual CPA and CFO services. We strongly focus on two main areas – business and IRS tax services. We are equipped with a Pembroke Pines CPA, an in-house tax attorney, a former IRS agent, and more than twelve years of experience. If you’re looking for a remote CPA in Pembroke Pines, FL, look no further. Our extensive knowledge allows us to effectively and thoroughly help our clients and maintain their loyalty for years ahead.

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Pembroke Pines CPA for Your Business

The main goal of a business owner is to make money and to grow continuously. As a Pembroke Pines business accountant, we can provide insightful business and accounting services such as:

  •  Business consultation and incorporation
  •  Monthly bookkeeping and payroll
  •  Business tax preparation
  •  Profit and loss statements

Pembroke Pines IRS Tax Resolution Services

With the invaluable expertise of our in-house Pembroke Pines tax attorney and former IRS agent, our firm possesses a unique and formidable advantage when representing individuals and businesses dealing with IRS issues. Our team’s capabilities extend far beyond conventional tax legal services, offering a comprehensive and specialized approach to addressing a wide range of tax-related challenges.

Spotlight On: Business Tax

Virtually every business is subject to some or several forms of tax. Taxes are levied by federal, state, and local governments to fund government operations, infrastructure, and public programs. From property tax to sales taxes to income tax, tracking and complying with every form of tax reporting and payment requirement can be cumbersome for business owners. Failure to comply with tax laws and deadlines can result in penalties, interest, liens, and even legal action.

Income Tax

Income tax is assessed on the net profit of a business and is likely the most well-known and often the most enormous tax burden for most companies. Tax liability will depend on the business’s entity type. Some entity types, such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, and S corporations, are generally not taxed at the entity level. Instead, the owner/(s) pay tax on their personal returns. In contrast, C corporations are taxed at both the entity level and the shareholder level when profits are distributed via dividends.

Sales Tax

Some businesses are subject to sales tax. This tax is levied on the retail sale of goods and services. Also, in some states, this tax is also levied on the sale of certain services. The business is responsible for charging and collecting sales tax from its customers and remitting it to the state or local government.

Payroll Tax

Businesses with employees are subject to payroll taxes. Payroll taxes include social security and Medicare taxes, federal and state income tax withholding, and unemployment taxes. Self-employed business owners are subject to social security and Medicare tax on their earnings from self-employment. In some states, businesses may also be subject to property taxes based on their business assets.

We can help your business plan for and set aside funds to cover all tax liabilities and comply with all reporting requirements. Furthermore, we’ll help you take advantage of any deductions, and stay informed of the ever-changing tax landscape.

We provide virtual accounting services to clients from Fort LauderdaleCoral GablesHollywood, and more.