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The professionals at My CPA, PA, offer an array of virtual services. We strongly focus on two main areas – business and IRS tax services. We are equipped with a Miramar CPA, an in-house tax attorney, a former IRS agent, and more than twelve years of experience. If you’re looking for a Miramar, FL, Small Business CPA, look no further. Our extensive knowledge allows us to effectively and thoroughly help our clients and maintain their loyalty for years ahead.

Miramar fl small business cpa

Miramar, FL, Small Business CPA

The main goal of a business owner is to make money and to grow continuously. As a Miramar business accountant, we can provide insightful business and accounting services such as:

  •  Business consultation and incorporation
  •  Monthly bookkeeping and payroll
  •  Business tax preparation
  •  Profit and loss statements

Miramar FL IRS Tax Resolution Services

With the invaluable expertise of our in-house Miramar tax attorney and former IRS agent, our remote firm possesses a unique and formidable advantage when representing individuals and businesses dealing with IRS issues. Our team’s capabilities extend far beyond conventional tax legal services, offering a comprehensive and specialized approach to addressing a wide range of tax-related challenges.

Spotlight On: Limited Liability Companies

A limited liability company, also often referred to as an LLC, is one of the most popular types of business entity. An LLC offers a perceived ability to reduce business owners’ personal liability for business debts and legal claims. While an LLC offers a degree of protection, it’s essential to understand its limitations.

An LLC is a distinct legal entity with one or multiple members who may or may not participate in the active management of the business. It is formed by filing registration paperwork with the state. The LLC separates its owners’ personal assets from the business’s assets and liabilities. Only the assets of the LLC can be subject to a lawsuit judgment against the business or business debt collections. However, the LLC’s liability protection does have certain limitations.

One limitation is when a business owner signs a personal guarantee for a business loan. This is not an unusual requirement to find in a loan agreement, especially for loans to newer businesses, and it exposes the owner to personal liability for the loan. An LLC member may also be personally liable for certain wrongful acts or omissions committed during business and deemed fraudulent or willfully negligent. Even the act of commingling personal funds with business funds, such as paying for business expenses from a personal account or vice versa, can cause one to “pierce the corporate veil” and open owners up to personal liability for business debts. Investing in business liability insurance can provide additional protection against these risks, as well as reading all contracts and loan agreements for personal liability clauses.

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