My CPA Brickell FL – Tax, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

The professionals at My CPA, PA, offer an array of virtual CPA and CFO services. We strongly focus on two main areas – business and IRS tax services. We are equipped with a Brickell CPA, an in-house tax attorney, a former IRS agent, and more than twelve years of experience. If you’re looking for a remote CPA in Brickell, FL, look no further. Our extensive knowledge allows us to effectively and thoroughly help our clients and maintain their loyalty for years ahead.

Brickell fl cpa

Brickell FL Accountant for Your Business

As a Brickell FL business accountant, we can provide insightful business and accounting services such as:

  •  Business consultation and incorporation
  •  Monthly bookkeeping and payroll
  •  Business tax preparation
  •  Profit and loss statements

Brickell FL IRS Tax Resolution Services

With the invaluable expertise of our in-house Brickell tax attorney and former IRS agent, our remote firm possesses a unique and formidable advantage when representing individuals and businesses dealing with IRS issues. Our team’s capabilities extend far beyond conventional tax legal services, offering a comprehensive and specialized approach to addressing a wide range of tax-related challenges.

Spotlight On: Protecting Yourself From Limitations of Limited Liability Companies

The first line of defense against personal liability is to avoid situations that obscure the line between the LLC and its owners. Owners should follow corporate formalities and scrutinize all contracts and loan agreements to determine if they contain clauses imposing personal liability. Avoiding these situations can help protect owners from personal liability. However, this can be challenging to do so without fail during the busy hustle and bustle of operating a business. Liability insurance can provide an additional layer of security against third-party claims made against the business. Professional liability insurance can, for example, pay out a portion or all of a financial judgment brought against a business owner if the party suing the LLC wins a lawsuit. There are various other types of insurance coverage that can protect owners against different risks as well.

We provide virtual accounting services to clients from Pembroke PinesHollywoodMiami, and more.